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About Us

Greatgo films Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on the research and production of Hydrographic Film (PVA-polyvinyl alcohol film). The company’s products are mainly used in PVA Hydrographic printing film, cultured marble release film. Guangzhou Yidong Trading Co., Ltd. is our branch company in charge of foreign trade business. Our factory is located in Foshan City, China. The company occupies 40,000 ㎡. We have 4 automatic PVA film production lines. We have sufficient production capacity, 33,000 ㎡/day for 2-meter-wide PVA, 60,000 ㎡/day for 1.5-meter-wide PVA, and 110,000 ㎡/day for 1.1-meter-wide PVA.

We have a raw material warehouse of 5000 ㎡ and a finished product warehouse of 5000 ㎡, which can ensure fast production and delivery of products.

Our products are exported to South Korea, Japan, the United States, India, etc. Our product quality and service have been warmly praised by customers.

Our company is looking for agent cooperators all over the world. Cooperation with us will be your most sensible choice! We are willing to cooperate with you, and to create brilliance together.

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Our Products

PVA film

Product customization

We provide PVA water transfer printing blank film, printing film, and artificial marble release film customization services.

Product Packaging And Warehouse

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Product Application

Water transfer printing effect display
Water transfer camouflage guitar
Water transfer printing effect display
PVA water transfer printing application display
PVA water transfer printing application display


Whether you’re curious about features, a free trial, or even press, contact us and we’ll answer any questions.